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About Alameda Bible Church

The idea that would become Alameda Bible Church began in 1935, with three ladies who wanted a non-denominational Sunday School closer to Albuquerque.  Over time, the Sunday School grew to a functioning church with various pastors over the years.


At the end of 1944, the church was officially incorporated as "Alameda Community Chapel".  Soon land was donated, and construction begun on the oldest part of our current building.  Though the building was dedicated and used starting in 1946, the construction was not finished until 1952.


By 1954, the church was starting to outgrow its building, so an expansion project was begun.  After the building of our current auditorium, a parsonage was also constructed.


Our history gets a little sparse from the 70's to the present.  We know that in 1981 the church began Victory Christian School, a school which eventually became K-12 and lasted until 2020.  If you have any articles or histories which add to our timeline, please contact us to share them.

We are an independent Bible church that strives to display the greatness of God and rejoice in His wonderful love for us. Through many years and generations, our commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to the Word of God has not wavered!

We are affiliated with the IFCA International.

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